URLConnectionStateBase crashing on OS X 10.9

URLConnectionStateBase is crashing on OS X 10.9.
I’m using something like this:
auto input = authURL.createInputStream (URL::InputStreamOptions (URL::ParameterHandling::inPostData));

I’m not sure when this started but I have a bunch of old plugins (built several months ago) that are not crashing, although the connection to the server can’t be established. I guess it’s related to this: URL connects not working on OS X 10.9.5?

Yet, it would be nice to avoid the crash and just return an error to the user.

This is the stack trace:

0   com.AudioThing.GongAmp        	0x0000000107b51acc juce::URLConnectionStateBase::getErrorCode() const + 12
1   com.AudioThing.GongAmp        	0x0000000107b1296f juce::WebInputStream::Pimpl::connect(juce::WebInputStream::Listener*, int) + 335
2   com.AudioThing.GongAmp        	0x0000000107b0b326 juce::WebInputStream::connect(juce::WebInputStream::Listener*) + 86
3   com.AudioThing.GongAmp        	0x0000000107b0f0f4 juce::URL::createInputStream(juce::URL::InputStreamOptions const&) const + 276``

Thanks for reporting! This looks like a bug that was introduced with the changes in 7d1918b3.

I’ve pushed a fix to develop here:

Please let me know if you are still seeing the crash after this commit.

Thanks for the super quick fix. It works now.

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