WebInputStream::connect() crash on malformed URL

Just spotted that WebInputStream::connect() crashes on ill-formed URLs on OS X (though URL reports it’s being well-formed):

    URL url ("https:\\www.google.com"); // Note the slashes

    if (url.isWellFormed())
        WebInputStream stream (url, true);
        auto ok = stream.connect (nullptr);

Expected behaviour for connect() is to return false in this case, I guess.

The problem is in WebInputStream::Pimpl::connect (juce_mac_Network.mm), where createConnection() may not actually end up with a valid connection, causing null pointer dereference later down:

if (! connection->start (owner, webInputListener)) {...}

JUCE 5.4.3.

This has been fixed on the develop branch for a while now:

Excellent! Thank you.