Usage reporting

i’m widely using juce 1.37 in my gentoo kde box. i’ve noticed a couple of things, nothing too bad cause the whole is working greatly:
if i open a modal window, and then click on the main one that is under, i see that the back window is repainting over suddenly followed by the modal one repainting over again. the behaviour is preserved but i can see a little glitch of the 2 windows repainting one over the other.
other thing with my application (with the demo also) that have a toolbar with svg images, it takes from 5 to 10 seconds to open up with svgs, while using pngs it opens up in one or two seconds. on windows the same thing opens up quite immediately… could be my mistake (or a linux conf problem) ?

ah just to notice, i’m starting to add jack audio support for juce linux… hope all goes fine eheh :wink:

The flicker is just because when you click the background window, it gets brought to the front, but then juce has to force the modal one back on top. I might be able to tweak that when I do some more z-order stuff that I’m planning.

SVG is obviously a lot harder to decode than image data, so no big suprise there. A release build should do it many times faster than a debug build, though, as a lot of assertions get tested in the XML parser in debug mode.

Best of luck with Jack - let me know how you get on!