USB camera resolution

I'ts probably in the documentation, or demo code (which I love by the way), but i cant find how to set the resolution I want on a USB Camera.

I have a Rocketfish camera which has a native resolution of 1280X720.

When i use the CameraDevice to get a frame, it comes in at 960X544 which I think is really wierd.

My other camera (Technet 720p) also has a native 1280X720, but it comes in at 640X480 running the exact same code.

I assume this is just whatever the device driver for each camera defaults to, which is fine, but i really need to set it back to native.

I am using it for OCR, so i want to use the native resolution of a camera so i don't get bleed from the software re-pixelating the image.



OH, of coarse as soon as i post, i see the minimum and maximum height and width DOH!!!