What's a plugin width and height that might look OK on a vast majority of screen setups?

When thinking of a plugin’s height and width, is it a good idea to offer a “regular” GUI size, and a “large” GUI size.
Or, can you decide upon one height and width that should look OK on a vast majority of screen setups?

I’m guessing 4k is a high screen resolution we can expect (3840x2160).
And a low one, for example on a laptop, we could expect might be 1920x1080.

At present my plugin dimensions are w=1078 x h=493 px.

We have two sets of bitmaps, with one set for HiDPI that is 2x the size of the non-HiDPI bitmaps, and use those whenever the scaling factor is >= 1.5. Don’t know if that’s the best solution, but it works (for all our plugins).

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I’m recently looking into the same issue as @Ian-SAfc but I’m worried about the Windows platform where the default renderer does all the scaling in software.
Are you targeting Windows? How’s the scaling performance there, in your experience?

No problems I am aware of. Studio One had some issues, but they fixed them in a recent build.

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