Use font and size from DAW in juce popup menus?


I have a problem that a juce vst plugin have very small popup menu size on a 4k monitor and do not use the font and scaling windows use and the DAW use.

which code need add that the juce based plugin use for all popup menus the windows system font and windows system scaling setting (175%) ?

How are you creating the PopupMenu? If you’re using a ComboBox or Menu, this should work automatically. Otherwise, if you’re creating a PopupMenu and displaying it directly, you should use PopupMenu::callMenuAsync to display the menu, and pass Options{}.withTargetComponent (childComponentOfEditor) as the argument. The popup menu will query the effective scale of the target component and then set its own scale accordingly. If you use a child component of the plugin editor as the target component, the popup menu should be scaled correctly.

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