Use of undeclared identifier 'statijuce'

Hi everyone,

I’ve been following this tutorial to build a multi-band compressor C++ Programming Tutorial - Build a 3-Band Compressor Audio Plugin (w/ JUCE Framework) - YouTube

However, I get an error saying " Use of undeclared identifier ‘statijuce’ ".
Does anyone know what’s going on there?

I am using ProJucer v6.1.6 and C++17 under macOS Monterey.

Thanks in advance

Sounds like you might have accidentally modified one of the JUCE files, although it’s difficult to say for sure without knowing where the error is coming from.

If the error is in a JUCE source file, then you should download a fresh copy of JUCE and replace your existing copy.

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Thanks @reuk! I was able to fix the error by upgrading to Juce 7.0.0