Use swift UIview inside Juce project

My idea was create an application in Juce and after create some custom UIViews with swift to use in Juce project (this because I’d like to implement those UIViews to respond to gestureRecognizer and because I’d like to use native virtual keyboard of iOS and native alert view).
On internet I found many ways to create a c++ bridge file to use in swift, but I’d like to do the opposite. There’s a way to do that?

Thank You in advice!

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Thanks for the reply!

I looked at documentation about that class, but how can I use my swift objects with it?

I’ll explain:

On my MainComponent for example I instantiated an object called myView of type UIViewComponent. After I created a storyboard with a relative swift file where I created a button with a customised layout.

Now, how can I use this button with setView(void* uiView)? I need a bridge file? it is possible to do it without objective c? Searching on you tube I found several tutorials that explain how to use c++ in swift, and one (thisone: without using objective c, but how can I recall swift code in c++?

@adamski has posts about it. Search for posts by him