Using 3rd-party libraries for midi

Hi to all…

I’m new on this forum and i would compliment with Jule with his nice job’s!! (first of all)

Now… my question is…

I would to develop a simple (custom) midi player with the juce GUI (and first of all for his cross platform qualities), but i’m a c++ beginner and the midi API of juce are quite complex for me.

Do you think can i use 3rd-party libraries like jdksmidi for play midi files (i tried it a bit and seems to work but not sure if they are stale enough with juce) ?

Which cons this choice can give me ?

Thanks to all for a little reply!

Cheers, Luke

Can an artist use more than just a paintbrush to create his or her painting?

Short answer: yes.

You should take a second look. The JUCE MIDI APIs are quite simple really (much like the rest of JUCE). You should have no trouble getting them to work for your needs.

I wouldn’t say JUCE is simple for an absolute, level 01, 0 xp, C++ beginner… Unless you’re really adept in C, or some other C-like language, and have an idea as to how to go about things.