Using code shared in the forums

I think this is the right forum for my question…
I’d like to incorporate part of this code example posted here by Fabian a long time ago into a project. How does licensing work for pieces of code posted to public forums?
This project will be GPLv3, but I’m curious how it works for other licenses as well.
Thank you.

I did read all of the FAQs and the EULA and there is no information about the status of code posted to the forums (there is for stack overflow, e.g.), but it would seem absurd to post code saying “try this” and not allow others to use it. Pretty unclear.

I think it’s pretty safe to say, if someone posts code on a public forum, it’s there for the taking. I mean, how many times a day do programmers copy code snippets from forums and Stack Overflow into projects, whether commercial or open source… We’re all helping each other out here! :slight_smile:


If someone doesn’t post a license with their code it does not mean it’s in the public domain.
In fact, if they don’t post a license it’s default under an exclusive copyright.

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I have to agree with Matt. I’d bet 99% that the intention was for it to be used freely, given also that the poster was part of the JUCE team answering a request for advice with the invitation to “try this”, but, unlike stackoverflow, this forum doesn’t appear to have any default license for posted code (there it’s explicitly CC for user contributions). Unless the intention is for no one to use code posted here, I’d call that an oversight, considering just how much code is shared here to help with specific problems. I’d guess that, if someone wants help with code for a proprietary project and doesn’t want their code to be seen, they can pay for a license that includes support.
I hate to say it, but, based on what I’ve seen, I do not trust a for-profit company not to come back at some time in the future and force me to remove my project from the net. If they (or any other company that later acquired the rights) would theoretically have that right through any loophole, I won’t feel comfortable using code posted here. Until there are some official rules posted regarding this, I can’t be sure. If there are some already and I haven’t found them, I’d appreciate a kick in the right direction!


Sorry for answering so late. But yes, feel free to use my code. However, it might be a bit outdated now with regards to bypassing (and maybe parameters as well). I think the processBlock wrapper method should also check if AudioProcessor::getBypassParameter returns non-null - and if it does,call processBlockBypassed/processBlock depending on it’s value.

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