Using example code in Personal Projects

Hey guys,

Are we able to use the code given to us in the examples folder within our personal projects?

You can do whatever you want with the example code so long as it complies with the GPLv3 or JUCE commercial license. So long as your personal projects are kept to yourself or made fully open source if you release them, you are fine.

Thank you very much. I assume by “making them completely open source” you mean releasing them on a public github and using the GNU GPL v.3 as my license. Is that what you meant?

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So what you are saying is, I can just put it on a public repo with the gpl
v.3 even if I make no money off of it?

Yep. So long as you follow he terms of the GPLv3.

In the software world, this is called “forking” (since you seem new)

Thanks man!