Using JUCE 3 purely for a plug-in gui

I'm redeveloping IPlug on top of the VST3 SDK and I've added the possibility of doing the GUI using VSTGUI4, instead of IPlug's existing GUI routines. I would also like to add the possibility of using JUCE for the GUI. I do not want to use JUCE's Plugin wrapper code.

I'm wondering how I should approach using JUCE purely for graphics with the new modularized system ( i see a few legacy notes regarding amalgamation and static libraries which make me thing i shouldn't use those). This won't be using the introjucer, so I guess i need to make a header file and perhaps some .cpp files that includes the correct source code. Anyone got any tips?


oli larkin

Current version of WDL-OL IPlug:


We are doing a similar thing.

We create a project (using cmake) which define the appropriate preprocessor macros, compiles all the modules and create a static library.

Then we include directly the module file (for instance juce_gui_basics.h) where it is needed.

This works well.



thanks. I realised introjucer has a static library project so i built that and #included relevant .h files and job's a goodun