Use Juce's audio libraries only, with no Juce GUI or Projucer?

I am working on a Unity-based music app. My entire UI and executable are generated by Unity.

I would like to be able to experiment with both WASAPI and ASIO sound (for low latency and stability testing) on Windows, and I’d also like my app to be able to host VST plugins, with in-memory looping audio. Juce seems like it has all of that in spades.

Is it possible to use Juce just as an audio library, without using Projucer (since Unity is generating my solution already)? Are there any examples of standalone Win32 apps built with Juce for audio handling but not for GUI construction? If not, what existing samples would be most relevant for this “solution-less, GUI-less, audio-libraries-only” scenario?

Thanks very much!
Rob Jellinghaus


This is something I did together with Taz from Fabric in the past, and I had no problems with that. What we did was, to create a static library with juce, that he then called from his Unity project. But that predates the Unity wrapper in JUCE, so it probably has become even easier.

As far as GUI is concerned, as long as you don’t create Components and you don’t add anything to the desktop, you should have no problems. I was irritated at first, that there is no JUCEApplication without GUI, but in the end, it just runs the MessageManager…
And in our case we didn’t even need that, since all calls were made from the Unity wrapper.

In terms of project setup without Projucer, it should be possible. I would probably start a Projucer project, dump the boilerplates and include the stuff in your solution.
Or have a look at the various CMake, Qt and other project tools, have a forum search, there are several…

Hope that helps