JUCE and openFramworks

I know there are already some relevant topics in this forum, but it is still unclear even after I read those.
I haven’t tried yet, but what I’ve saw is that it is quiet difficult to run those together. What makes it hard even they are all C++? anyone successfully managed to bind them together? (or any other graphics library such as Cinder)

It’s a pain to get JUCE graphics working with some other graphics system. It’s fairly easy to use parts of JUCE within some other graphical system.

If you just want an audio library, you can make a static/dynamic library with JUCE as the audio engine, then use that library within another graphical system like Cinder or Qt.

I don’t really know why you’d want to mix UI systems unless you need to support weird legacy code. It seems like it would be simpler to just stick to one.

In the past, I’ve used Unity for everything except audio, and JUCE for the audio.

How do you make a DLL plugin in Unity? I would really like to know as Unity has a great renderer.

There is a new plug-in format for Unity available in the Projucer, I guess you can just enable it and you’re done

I thought that made a plug-in FOR unity, not a VST plug-in that uses unity for example.

Yeah, I meant using JUCE as the audio backend for a Unity app, not using Unity in a JUCE plugin.

Though I’m sure that could be done it would probably be a massive headache.