How to compile ( alittle confused)

I see that the Traction MDA Plugins are very small files and yet they use JUCE functions to draw themselves, How do they refer to JUCE library for GUI functions. All JUCE GUI functionality is in the main exe I suppose.

I am developing an MDI based application and hope to put all Document functionality at Plugins. How should I compile the Plugin dlls when the main exe is static lined to JUCE?

The MDA plugins are nothing to do with me, and don’t use juce!

You can link juce as a DLL too - see comments for the JUCE_DLL macro in juce.h

So if I have the compile both the main Application and the plugins to use JUCE.dll to be able use JUCE GUI functionality?

When we use a MDA plugin filter, does it draw all it’s UI?

MDA plugins don’t have a UI - tracktion does that for them. That’s just part of the VST spec.

And yes, you could use the DLL build to do an app and some plugins for it.