Using other (graphics) libraries with JUCE


Out of pure curiosity, is it possible to use another library (like Cinder) within a JUCE application? From searching the web, I'm seeing that people have used Cinder with Qt, but I have no idea how that was done. I even saw a video on YouTube where JUCE and Cinder were both in the video's title, so it seems to be possible. 

If this is possible, how do you think you would go about doing this? Like how would you get Cinder to draw on a window that JUCE? I don't know much about the inner workings of these libraries so I'm not sure what else I could ask. 

Is there anyone here that has used another library like this, and if so could you describe some things about it? For instance, hope did you make them work together? Were there any benefits of using another library with JUCE? Were there any problems or compilations you faced? Things like that. 

Just to be clear, I don't know if I'd ever need to actually use another library like Cinder with JUCE. I'm just curious if you can and if there's benefit to doing so. I love JUCE and to be honest, I haven't found a missing feature that I've needed so far. In other words, I've always been able to find what I need. I actually recommend JUCE to almost every programmer I talk to. :)

Thanks in advance for any discussion on this topic.

- Jordan

We're fans of Cinder here! Something we'd love to do is to find ways of making it easier to use the two libraries together..

That would be great! If you find anything out, even something (especially something) fundamental like drawing to a JUCE Windows, please let us know. I'm very interested in knowing how that's done. 

Cinder is an awesome library. It's actually what got me to finally give JUCE a try. I mean I knew I would use JUCE before I even started learning C++, but after using Cinder a bit I realized I had somewhat learned enough to mess around with libraries and graphics. I saw that CppCon video about creative coding and got super inspired to use Cinder. You should try to have some sort of talk at CppCon about JUCE. I bet you would inspire a lot of people to try JUCE. I'm not sure how all of that works (getting the stage at CppCon), but more people need to know about JUCE and what it can do. 

Already done :wink:

Haha. Well dang, I guess there's just not a video of it. I'm curious what other talks there were that didn't have videos. 

FYI the JUCE team are planning to go to CppCon 2015 too.

Timur is giving a talk there about C++ in audio. I've not got a talk booked, but Fabian and I may try to do some lightning talks if slots are available.

That's awesome! That'll be a great and unique topic for CppCon. There was actually a guy in the Cinder talk that asked about Cinder being used for music production software. Man I hope they video that one so I can watch it at home. Y'all should definitely do those lightning talks if y'all can. I would love to "meet" the JUCE team and hear y'all talk about some interesting topics. 

Cinder is nice but this newcomer looks more interesting imo: