UI Support for Unity3D

I have created a UI in Projucer, I would like to use as the interface for an application being built in Unity 3D. The screens are .h and .cpp files.

Is there a workflow for using this UI in Unity 3D?

There’s nothing specific unless you’re building a Unity audio plugin.

If your goal is really to write a JUCE + Unity application, you’re in uncharted waters. This could be a pretty tough venture because all of the features JUCE provides like management of input, audio devices and MIDI devices, etc may conflict with any implementations from Unity.

Assuming these risks are all fine and dandy - I’m not sure what way/where you need to hook them together, so even with the above in mind and that you figured how to get an entry point sorted - you would use the ScopedJuceInitialiser_GUI to get an app with JUCE kicked off (where the message manager would be required).