Juce w/ Unity questions

I’m really intrigued by integrating juce with Unity and I had a couple questions:

  1. Is it possible for Juce to completely own the audioDeviceCallback? That’s to say, I would like to use the juce audio device component to manage the devices / samplerate / midi, etc. EDIT: Think I figured this one out too… just create a juce dll that will go do the audio callback stuff as usual and import into unity - then, disable the audio for the project in unity…

  2. Is it possible to trigger Juce UI elements within a Unity context? Example, have juce open a DocumentWindow and do its own rendering based off of a trigger in the unity scene? EDIT: Just got this to work :slight_smile:

I’ve played a bit with it and have integrated my plugin and I’d really like to see how far its possible to push this.

Any info or help appreciated! Thanks

Honestly, I have no idea with unity seeing as it uses C#. But unreal engine is open sourced and C++, so you have many more options with that. Sorry!

@SourGummi Unreal is not really open source as it has its own proprietary license and set of restrictions. I can’t remember the ins and outs of it all, but I think Unity offers the same flavour of license, i.e, you can access the source code, but there are certain caveats on its use.

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I don’t think I’ll need the source code for anything, for my particular use case if I can get audio working and get a handle for the OS windows on pc/mac I should be good to go.