Unity realtime device audio / input device plugin

Hey everyone,
I’m looking to implement what may turn out to be quite tricky… But looks like JUCE is pretty on top of everything so I’m happy to try any possibilities.

I am developing a Unity application that processes live audio, from device input to output real-time. This is a piece of cake in JUCE but Unity does not seem to have any native audio input device system. I’m curious as to what everyone recommends as a solution.

First off, I found a third-party plugin capable of adding a device input to unity as a plugin. Looks good enough, but the lesson I’ve learned so far is to stick to JUCE for as much as possible. Plus, looks like configuration may be needed anyways to manage this plugin, as well as to connect it with further JUCE plugins, so I may end up writing a JUCE version of the above plugin.

Would it work to configure an audio plugin to take in/generate audio device input? I’m currently trying to add an AudioDeviceManager to a plugin, making it a “device plugin”. How would I go about with the callback functions, connecting it up to the internals of the plugin in order to output AudioIODevice data?

From what I can tell, the latter could allow for a purely JUCE audio backend, simply “managed” by Unity UI. Unlike using a third party library which I fear may introduce latency and other complications. This seems like the best solution to me but feel free to suggest otherwise!