About writing app without gui

Hi JUCE community. I’m pretty new in JUCE and in c++ audio developing at all, so sometimes it’s hard for me to understang all those documentation etc. I need to make simple app, which will support VST plugins and make output audiofiles something like piano roll (loops) using Python and probably JUCE. I want to make programm by JUCE, which loads audio or MIDI files, then
handle it with VST plutins and finally outputs it in “.wav” format (without GUI, I will make it using Python). My question: How to make it? How just to load file without using special buttons etc. And how connect VST plug in into my project and use it?

Ps: I think, i will connect JUCE with python using boost.python.

Hoping to enlist your help :slight_smile:

Post it in this category, coure that one approaching less.

VST plugins tend to be somewhat useless and/or painful to operate if their GUI can’t be used. (For example something like samplers are pretty much completely hopeless to use “headless”.) And if you are using Juce to host the plugins, you will also need to use Juce’s GUI facilities to show the plugin GUIs. It could be quite tricky to integrate Juce GUI with another GUI framework.

If you want to be using Python, it might be a more feasible approach to just do everything with Python. (I don’t know if there’s a library to host VST plugins for Python, though.)