Headless VST Host?


I am working on an open source project, which should host VST plugins “headlessly”, so without GUI and allow the user to assign CC-Numbers to the corresponding VST Controls.

Is this possible with Juce? The target OS is Linux.

Do you want to be able to load the Plugins with a GUI? i.e. no host gui just an interactive GUI for the loaded plugin. If not then I can definitely say it’s possible and I’ve loaded plugins from a command line application, I suspect it’s also possible to load the plugin GUIs but I just haven’t done that. I haven’t tested on Linux before but I see no reason it would be an issue.

There’s a lot of plugins though, where being able to manipulate the GUI is required to be able to use the plugin properly. :disappointed:

I also have done this and use the AudioPluginInstance setParameter function to setup the plugin.