Command line plugin host

Hey Jucers!

I’m new to this list and to JUCE in general so forgive me if my questions seem a touch dumb :?

Ultimately, my objective is to create a simplified version of the plugin host demo that can be called from the command line. I would like to bypass all UI components (if possible) to have an invisible host through which I can play MIDI notes etc from a music engine I’ve created.

It seems to me that the best way to achieve this is to emulate what is done in the plugin host example that comes with the distro., minus the UI elements. Is this the best way to proceed? If not, any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks in adv.!


you can make an app invisible by just not adding any component to the desktop in your app initialise function (IOW don’t create a TopLevelWindow).

You’d probably want to create a system tray icon though (especially if you’re expecting to use MIDI - it would be rubbish to have to specify I/O device selection non-interactively)

Thanks for the prompt response haydxn!!

I know it sounds a bit lame not to have the ability to choose VSTi’s interactively but (for the moment) that is outside the scope of my project. I’m coming from a mac / linux c++ background so my experience in windows c++ is minimal (to say the least) with just a few (pure data) dll’s and some standard c++ standalone audio apps under my belt (yet!).

So as I understand it, all components for MIDI I/O loading VST’s etc should be the same as in the demo - just not added to the main window component and therefore transparent to the user?