Adapting PluginHost to use in my application


Hi forum! Just some general advice needed on how I might go about using the functionality of the PluginHost demo project within a project of my own. That is, I need to build plugin hosting functionality into my project but don’t need the JUCE UI, and don’t need to build an executable.

I guess it would be better to build something from the ground up (with just the plugin/audio-device specific JUCE classes I need) but as I’m fairly new to this I’m wondering whether it would be feasible or advisable to take the PluginHost project and just attempt to strip out the stuff I don’t need?

What I’m trying to say is, as I’m not basing my entire application around the JUCE framework, and not planning on using any of the JUCE UI stuff, what would be the way to go?

Many thanks from a new JUCE user.


Well it’s fine to mix juce with other libraries, but you’re going to need its UI to handle those plugin windows…


Thanks Jules. I guess I’ll go with the “subtractive” approach then :slight_smile: I’m fairly new to this so I may be back.