Using Audio-plugin functionality without actually create a pure Audio-plugin

Hi all
I would like to cause your attention on an unusual request.
Is there a JUCE-way, to build an Audio plugin, whithout it recognized as an audio- plugin by any audio host.
The main reason about this request is that I would like to use a big part of the functionality provided by the audio plugin implementation, but my final goal is to not produce a pure audio plugin.

Thanks for any suggestion on this

How about just adding the source code of your plugin into your other project? I have not tried that but in principle it should work since the classes in the JUCE plugin template project inherit AudioProcessor and AudioProcessorEditor which are not plugin format specific base classes. You will of course have to write some hosting type code in your other project that will deal with the AudioProcessor and AudioProcessorEditor subclasses.

You can always create a standalone plug-in.
You choose if you’d like to produce additional wrappers.

Audio plug-in is nothing but usual functions where the major one is the processBlock…

If you really insist on using most of the plug-in dll you can check who’s your caller (just like you can query which host is being used) and block anything except your whitelisted host…

Give a different your own extension to the output file. This will make them not to load in any DAW.