AudioPluginHost as a plugin

I wonder if the AudioPluginHost could be configured as a plugin, so I could use it in my DAW (Samplitude Pro X7). Currently I am using DDMF Metaplugin for complex plugin configurations and it’s OK. But for testing I miss some features provided by the AudioPluginHost.
Has anyone tried this? Do you consider it feasible?

Certainly feasible, albeit a bit of work. I’m sure I’ve seen it discussed a few times on the forum, but I guessed you searched before asking. If you’re familiar with the AudioProcessorGraph then you should be able to see what needs doing. If not, check out the APG tutorial here to see how you can load one into a plugin. Then follow the crumbs… :slight_smile:

I will look into this as soon as I have time.
In the meantime I found
Is it possible to build AudioPluginHost as plugin?, which does not give me much confidence.

I went searching for posts about this too, but didn’t find many. I know it is possible as I have done it myself. xenakios is right though, it will take some work.

I’m not entirely sure, but this project sure seems to be the JUCE AudioPluginHost repackaged:

I see no mention of the AudioProcessorGraph in their source. Maybe they are implementing their own.