Converting Audio plugin host example to a be a plugin

I need to Converting Audio plugin host example to a be a plugin itself instead of a standalone on very short notice (I’m building a prototype to demo something).

I’m sure I could figure out how to do it given enough time, but as I don’t have enough time, if anybody has any pointers as to how to do this that would be great!

I second the motion, I need to do this as well - has anybody got the code for a vst plugin that can load a graph file - that they feel like sharing?

[EDIT:this is not right!!] It’s a simple and quick task. Create an empty audio plugin project using the Jucer. Then add your AudioProcesser and AudioProcessEditor files to it and build.

hi everyone,

anyone had success to build the host to be a plugin ? i tried the way Rory was posting here with no luck yet…

any hints would be great!


Actually, looks like I misunderstood the OP! My bad. I thought it was about converting from a plugin to standalone and vice versa. I guess one could load filters into an audio graph that is contained with a plugin. Might be a bit of work, but surely doable?