Using Juce 5.4.5 and Juce 6.0.3 in one Windows 10 computer for two different projects


I have two projects:

  • one had created with Juce 5.4.5
  • another new plan to use Juce 6.0.3

The computer is
OS - Windows 10
IDE - Visual Studio 2017

Can I use them seperately inside this computer such that first project link with Juce 5.4.5 and second project link with Juce 6.0.3? If the answer is true, than how do I login to Projucer? For Juce 5.4.5 I can login to my account but for Juce 6 I notice that this version do not even require login to Projucer.


add the juce repository as a git submodule to each project’s repo. Then, you can git checkout whichever version of juce you want to use for that specific project and the module source files will stay separate.

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