Using juce_core on its own


I am trying to use the juce_core module on its own. But i am having some problems getting it to compile without errors. I have looked at the project structure of a juce project build with the projucer to get a idea of what settings I needed to use.

I am using a Xcode project generated from the openFrameWorks project generator. I then checked the differences of both projects and matched my project the best I could with the one generated by the projucer. But I think i missed something… I am missing some projects settings I think because the Foundation frameworks cannot link correctly…

I have searched online but I didn’t found a solution. Did anyone else try to use the juce_core module on its own? So yes what compiler settings did you use?

Thanks for your time!

Well, have you added all the required frameworks to your Xcode project?

You can get errors like that when mixing Objective-c and c in an XCode project, is that what’s happening?

The BLOCKS SDK repository,, uses a subset of JUCE modules with a simple Xcode project file. Perhaps this might be a better example.

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Hi t0m, Thxs for the reply.

I think mixing those two languages together was indeed causing the problem. I have solved it by compiling the juce_core as a static library and linked it with my program. This is working fine for now!

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I remember using only the juce_core module without any problems. I think I had to create an AppConfig.h file but other than there weren’t any problems. Is it possible you used juce_core.cpp instead of