Using JUCE DLL on Windows

I searched for this and found nothing so far, so I’m checking with you guys. I see that I can make a Juce DLL library file on Windows, now, how can I use it with Projucer? Is there any docs for this?

What I’m hoping to do is compile the Juce library and them I can compile my files with multi-file optimization using the Intel compiler. I can’t do this with all JUCE files + my own, as it takes forever and uses nearly 50 Gig of RAM. :-o I even tried using a virtual machine on Azure with 32 Gig of memory just to test, and it was terrible. Went up to 40 Gig of RAM and crashed. I could try again in my system as I did some optimizations in the compiler, but it would be nice to have the JUCE stuff all done in a DLL file and just have to recompile my own files when I need. As I’m doing a lot of tests and optimizations and takes a lot of recompiling.

Thanks in advance for any tips and pointers. :slight_smile:

Cheers, WilliamK

I’m afraid there’s currently no functionality that will make your task much easier.

We’ve had requests for per-file compiler flags in the past, so that’s in our backlog. It’s not exactly what you’re after but I can see how it would help a little.

Don’t worry, in the end it looks like the multi-file optimizations didn’t do jack, so I won’t use it anyway. Still, I will keep separated folders for my project so I can compile things for testing and doing final release compilations with the intel compiler. So far it has worked out, with a shared source folder. :sunny: :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Cheers, WilliamK