Using OSCReceiver without using a JUCEApplication

Hi, I am trying to use the OSCReceiver class in a program that is not using the JUCEApplication part of the framework. Is this possible?

This is for a simple console application, in which I would like to avoid having to put the JUCEApplication and MessageLoop infrastructure if possible.

I have been able to use OSCSend without the need of JUCEApplication or Message Loops, not using those parts of the JUCE framework, but I am not sure if this is possible for OSCReceiver. It seems like it needs the JUCE Message Loop for hte callbacks, and that I guess needs the JUCEApplication infrastructure.

Any ideas on how can I use OSCReceiver in such a way?

I would expect to be able to use in a similar way to MIDI to the callbacks for MIDIInput, that don’t need the Message Loop at all, and can be used outside of the JUCEApplication wrapper.



Unfortunately OSCReceiver uses quite a lot of JUCE classes internally such as MemoryInputStream, Thread, DatagramSocket, and yes the message loop as well. So the answer is: no it’s not possible.

Ok, thanks for the reply. I have moved the OSC implementation oscpack, and
it is working fine.

I am really liking JUCE’s MIDI implementation. Easy to use and rock solid.