Using otf/tft directly in Juce apps?

Hey guys,

We’re looking at fonts which have a very large unicode charset and I’m wondering how we can use these fonts in Juce. I know of the font-serialization which can be done, but I’m talking many thousands of symbols here. If I have a TTF/OTF like these: (still figuring out if closed source usage is allowed)
Or another large-unicode-set font, how would one go about using this font as a shipped-along font without having to extract all the glyphs?


  • bram

Nudge Jules to include the changes I sent him that will allow you to load custom font files from a folder using FreeType.
Or install the fonts to the system/user font directories during setup so they will be generally accessible.

I already added those changes!

Oh sweet! Thanks Jules!!!

Hey guys,

Any hint about where “these changes” might be seen? :slight_smile:

  • bram

Any hint about where "these changes" might be seen? :-)