Using PluginHost with Visual Studio 2015

Since it’s not mentioned in the Tutorial: Create a basic Audio/MIDI plugin Part 1: Setting up, I thought I’ll just add this here:

Once you built the PluginHost.exe you need to:

  • Right-Click the solution you want to debug using the PluginHost
  • Select Properties
  • In Configuration Properties / Debugging edit the Command field to point to your PluginHost.exe

Happy Debugging!

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I was happy to see this hint but it did not work for me exactly as described. I had to open the plugin in the VS 2015 IDE, select the “Debug” menu item, then select “_Properties” and then select “Configuration Properties\Debugging” in the Property Pages widow of the VS 2015 IDE. This is where I found the Command field to enter the path to the plug-in host executable. Now when I use VS 2015 to debug the plug-in, the host is called and the plug-in code can be debugged.

Sorry for the confusion, it’s not the solution you need to right-click but the project! Make sure to do it for every project when building VST and VST3 for example because the Projucer will create a project for each of course.