Value state tree...having trouble showing values in Ableton automation other than 0.0-1.0

I have my automation working with the value state tree and my sliders but no matter what I do, Ableton insists on displaying the values 0.0-1.0 on the actual track (see below). On the little sliders at the bottom, the values are correct but refuse to display as ints, only as floats. What I want is 1-8 as ints.

Here’s where I define the value state tree stuff:

That signature of createAndAddParameter is deprecated. You should consider using the new signature. See AudioProcessorValueTreeState Improvements for more information.

If you want to keep using that signature, you might have to specify some of the default parameters, especially bool isDiscrete=false.

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Aha I see that now, and I found the tutorial that explains it. The problem is, my current library is older and doesn’t include the new AudioProcessorValueTreeState constructor. I’m sure this is a stupid question but I just wasted an hour trying to figure it out…how do I update…Juce? lol

How did you get it in the first place?
You can get JUCE 5.4.1 from the JUCE website ( or from GitHub (