VCV Rack, a new open source DAW with virtual eurorack modules

Hello guys ! Hello @fabian, @jules and @jb1 !

Just a little message to talk again about the new sensation of the moment in the audio world, it’s an open source DAW, developed all alone by Andrew Belt.

Not only it’s free, quite interesting to have the modular workflow on computers, a very good free alternative for musicians to Softube Modular, NI Reaktor, usual modular creation environments such as PD, Max/MSP or Processing. That’s also a very cool open source piece of software, which means JUCE developers can learn a lot from watching the source code, and it’s very easy to create your own modules to include them in the already quite extensive list of third party modules providers, most of the time open source as well !

So if you have not already heard about that monster, I recommend that you download it as soon as possible, and prepare yourself for losing amounts of work hours by playing with it, reading some code, or writing your own modules for it :wink:


DAW or modular synth…? (Maybe you want to edit the forum post title.)

absolutely amazing project

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Wow… look forward to trying this out. I have been a modular addict in the past… this looks like a much cheaper option :slight_smile:

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I would say DAW and modular synth, because this is a standalone application, and you can use anything as an input such as a MIDI keyboard or an audio source (but not the 5D inputs of ROLI hardware yet :slight_smile: ), and you can record the signal at any location using the associated module.

By the way, the author is going to release a VSTi/AUi bridge soon, so we will be able to use VCV Rack inside the “standard” DAWs as well !

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I had a play with this today. I’ve made myself a patch with the Audible Resonator and i’ve been sat here playing the same riff on it over and over again ever since :slight_smile:

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