Velocity issue in MidiMessage

I am creating a VST plugin for Linux. This VST will generate MIDI notes.
I use ProJucer, under Ubuntu, and JUCE is version 4.2.3
I test my VST with Bitwig
When I use midi.addEvent (MidiMessage::noteOn(1, midiNoteOn, (uint8)midiNoteVelo), posInfo.timeInSamples);
the velocity is always the same. The velocity does not change when I change the value of midiNoteVelo
Is it an issue with JUCE or with Bitwig ?

First of all, carefully debug your code to double-check that the MidiMessage really is being created with the velocity you expect. That’s more likely to be wrong than the DAW ignoring it.

It is what I did.
So you are 100% sure of your code and you think that the problem is with
the DAW ?

If all juce plugins failed to pass-on note velocities, then I think someone would have noticed by now! Try another DAW as a sanity-check.

Yes, you are right. And the problem is not from the DAW, it comes from
the instruments that I was using that were not using velocity. Sorry.
But, you know, it took me so much time to write this piece of code
without debug tools that I was really down … It is a pity that there
is no way to step into code while debugging on Linux.
But… sorry again, tou can delete my stupid message.