Midi Keyboard in Plugin Host sending Invalid Values

Apologies if this has been mentioned already. I didn’t see anything about it. The midi keyboard in the plug in host triggers a jassert runtime error on occasion. It seems to trigger most often if you slide the mouse back and forth across the keys near the top of the keyboard. Seems to be linked to velocity. Not sure how urgent this is, just thought I’d mention it.

just adding the second screenshot @acanois posted in “theAudioProgrammer” discord:

Seems like MidiMessage::floatValueToMidiByte() is used to convert the velocity, and it asserts here:

And since the velocity was triggered from the MidiKeyboardComponent, I think this is the place to look at:

I don’t know how pos.y could be either negative or greater than whiteNoteLength…

Thanks for the extended description.

Thanks for reporting. I’ll get this sorted.