Very peculiar menubar goings-on


i’m running windows 7, so perhaps this should go in the windows forum - still, i have no way of knowing for sure if this is platform specific…

I’m getting some mighty strange happenings with the menubar in the Jucer (experimental) if I drag the window around. It appears as though there is another mouse pointer lurking on my desktop, as menubar titles will highlight whenever they pass over a particular point on the screen. This point isn’t always the same - clicking around on other windows and such, then grabbing the jucer window to drag around can result in it being a different place. Perhaps it is something to do with new multitouch code? Not looked into it really, but I thought I would point it out as it is… pecULiAr…


I guess the mouse position isn’t getting updated properly when you drag the title bar… Thanks, I’ll investigate.


Just thought i’d point out that this business still happens. I’ve narrowed it does to a consistent behaviour though - easily reproduced with the new jucer on windows [assuming ‘introjucer’ still uses a native titlebar - i’ve not updated in the last week or so].

If you modify the top level window using the native border/titlebar, the app acts as if the mouse is still at the last known component-based position.

How to easily see it in the Jucer (win7):

  1. move the mouse upwards through a menubar item and off the top of the window
  2. grab the top edge of the native titlebar (anywhere along the width of it)
  3. stretch the titlebar vertically to resize, and see the last touched menubar item react to the ghost of the mouse

same stuff happens with other buttons and the native window border (not just titlebar) etc.


Hmm, I thought I’d looked at this… Will check again…


ah yes, I remember now, it was because while you’re resizing, the global mouse position seems to get stuck at the last position before it started dragging. I couldn’t figure out a way to avoid that.