Very strange Logic bug

Hi friends,

I’m working on debugging a plugin in Logic on an M1 Mac. The plugin is crashing the whole DAW, with a segfault in juce::AudioParameterBool::get() when the transport is started at 0. If the transport is started past 0, the segfault doesn’t occur.

I’m racking my brains trying to figure out what could be happening here – does anyone know if Logic possibly destroys/recreates parameters when the transport is at 0, or something like that…?

I’m on an M1 mac, Big Sur; I’m compiling my plugin as “Standard 64 bit” and launching Logic in Rosetta mode. If I don’t use Logic’s Rosetta mode, then I just get a dialog that says “This AU has reported a fatal error” and Logic exits without giving me a call stack / crash report.

You need to turn sip off and debug the auhosting. :pensive:

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what is sip ?

System Integrity Protection. Its an Apple security mechanism…IIRC introduced with the idea that it would combat rootkits. Its been around a while.

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