Video doesn't play in iOS (it's urgent.. please help)



This should be a birthday present for somebody. So fast help would be much appreciated! smiley


I've coded an app, that should simply play a included video. Under Windows the file lies in the Debug folder and the App runs well.

Under iOS I've added the files to XCode with "Add Files...". My problem is, that the playback doesn't start, but I don't get any type

of error or crash or debug output.

The only think which is printed is:

JUCE v4.1.0
Warning: option --plugin-path no longer exists.
Warning: option --plugin-path no longer exists.

Debugging while iOS simulator is running doesn't show anything wrong...

I've attached my component, which should play the video. I'm using libVLC for playback.

I'm not sure about the "file:///sample.mp4". But on Windows "file:///path_to_sample/sample.mp4" runs well. I added the

VLC plugins folder to the XCode project. Althought I don't know if it's necessary. On Windows it had to be in the Debug folder



Thanks very much!