Video support in JUCE - VLC or mpv?

I really want to add good video (really multimedia) support to JUCE by wrapping one of the great video libraries out there in a JUCE friendly wrapper. I'm not to sure which library to use though. My personal choices would be either libvlc or libmpv. I'm leaning more towards libmpv because it seems to be much faster, but libvlc would be much easier to do thanks to the C++ wrapper available (libvlcpp). They both support a very wide range of audio/video formats and codecs. If anyone is interested in video support, which would you rather have? A good example of an application using mpv is Plex's new open source media player, Plex Media Player. It provides a good starting point for actually using mpv in a C++ application too, although it does use Qt. Of course, VLC is a good example of using libvlc.