Let's make a libVLC wrapper for JUCE :)

Hello JUCErs. I've been wanting to mess around and create a media player for my personal needs and came across this awesome C++/Qt wrapper library for libVLC called [url=https://vlc-qt.tano.si]VLC-Qt[/url]. It integrates into Qt applications so well and it really inspired me to want to create something like it for JUCE. libVLC is written in C and it's not exactly easy to work with, so a nice C++ wrapper seems pretty necessary, to me at least. 

I propose that we (the JUCE community) should come together and create a libVLC wrapper for JUCE applications. There's already a nice C++ wrapper to reference (VLC-Qt).

I'm probably not experienced enough to pull it off, but I think the JUCE community could do it if we wanted it bad enough. Anyways, this is just an idea to throw out there. Any volunteers? :) I'll probably try to spend my free time trying to accomplish this anyways because I think it would be a great thing for JUCE, but it would be cool if other (hopefully more experienced) people wanted to do it too.

Actually, VideoLAN has already created a C++(11) wrapper for libvlc called libvlcpp. That should make things much much easier.