Videos that open in Windows Media Player but not in VideoComponent

I’m making an app that should play some videos, and I’m experiencing a strange issue. There are some videos that open in Windows Media Player but not in VideoComponent; I am trying on 3 different computers, all three running Windows 10 with pretty much the same software/hardware setup, only on one of these I can open all videos; on the other two PCs, the exact same video files will still open in WMP but not in my Juce app. Is there a reason for this? What am I missing?

There is a good answer here:

TL;DR: WMP uses a more modern framework “Windows Media Foundation”, but JUCE uses an old “Direct Show” widget.
It is not known if and when JUCE updates to Media Foundation.

There is a feature request that @t0m linked, but it is not specified, if that would encompass video as well, since it says AudioFormatReader:

Thanks for your answer Daniel. I saw that post but I am experiencing a different situation, whereas on 1 of my 3 PCs I can open the videos and I was trying to understand what was in this PC that’s missing in the others. Meanwhile, after some investigation, I found that the PC that can show the videos has a codec package installed called Haali Matroska Splitter, which I must have installed some 2 years ago and can’t just remember for what reason. Anyway, installing this package on the other PCs enables the playback of videos in my Juce App.

Glad you found it. I was also surprised that the Media Foundation and Direct Show use different encoder APIs, so one needs to check for wich API an encoder is installed. I should have mentioned that.