Vikapad (My first JUCE program) - Mac compile?

Vikapad is my first JUCE program. It’s basically a virtual kaoss pad midi controller (hence the name). Here’s a link:

I think I’m about ready to officially release it to the world. Anyone out there willing to do a quick Mac compile for me, so I can offer it to my Mac-user friends?


can’t help you with the mac i’m afraid, but just wanted to say that’s a nice little app you’ve got there :slight_smile:

some great touches too; min/max values, and storing presets. and colours of course :slight_smile:

fieldswn2: i greatly appreciate your app. i was porting my x-y pad widget from XISCLE (the framework i’m using for my vsts) to JUCE and i found this little nice app. i’m in the way of adopting your code in a more close style to JUCE coding… i would like to know if jules would like to take vision of this class for including into the next release of juce. obviously it needs some code style refinements and more control over the layout and style. since i find software X-Y pad controllers very useful for mixing 4 audio sources or for controlling 2 parameters at time instead of a single slider control, could be interesting to see this class in a next juce release. i will post it soon, slowly is approaching a more interesting stage (added BubbleComponent to show X-Y values and some more stuff)…


ah, you instantiate the joystick with

// ----------------------------------------------------- addAndMakeVisible( joy = new Joystick(T("joy")) ); joy->setBounds(200,10,100,100); joy->setRanges(0,1,0,1,0.001);

so u instantiate in the main component (which have to logic of the app), while the joystick remains a different component, that u can use for whatever type of purposes you want. the idea is to have the components splitted from the “realjob” they do and not hardcoded inside them. anyway for little projects this not matters but… try to build a big app with tons of parameters and tons of functions…