Hiring - iPad Pro MIDI/OSC Controller App

Looking for JUCE developer(s) to help me build a passion project/product.

Over the past few years I have experimented with a concept.
I have built prototypes using electron and react native.
The prototypes fell short when it came to performance.
For various reasons, I have determined JUCE is the right path forward.


  • configurable music performance controller
  • …future self contained performance focused DAW



  • create performance layouts using a variety of controllers
  • resize controllers

Controller Browser:

  • drag and drop controller presets to the board

Controller Inspector:

  • configure controller look
  • configure controller behavior
    – MIDI
    – OSC
    – Board Actions
    ---- (user story: switch from the song’s ‘verse’ layout to the song’s ‘chorus’ layout )


  • contact controller
    Mask Group1
    – subdivide controller space and assign unique behavior for each division
    – map contact dimensions to parameter ranges
    Mask Group3 Mask Group2
  • knob controller
    – assign parameters to rotate behavior
    – assign parameters to pinch/zoom behavior
  • …future


Ideally, I envision running the app on devices that support 120hz refresh rates.
For now, the iPad Pro is the only release target platform.
Other platforms would be considered once their devices are capable of higher framerates.

Prototype UI Screenshots


To start, I would like to find 1 JUCE developer who can help me bootstrap the source code.
I would be doing less development and take on more of a product owner role.
I have an initial budget of ~$5k. Terms and conditions are certainly negotiable.

I have a repo with that contains the project structure and layout components, but if it makes more sense to start from scratch I am open to it.

contact me via…

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