Guidelines for getting started with JUCE

Hi guys! I got here after attending a lecture on virtual instruments with Steve Duda.

I identified with his story, because I am also a musician who is starting the paths as a developer.

I recently developed an “interface” to control Ableton Live (video link at the end) using two great tools. The first: Open Stage Control, which is a modular platform for midi, osc and with support for javascript and css (infinitely better than touchosc for example). In the script part I used ClyphX Pro and some small python syntaxes to access the Live API (language that I am also an apprentice).

The interface is loaded on the ipad via a URL provided by the Open Stage Control server. Combining these two technologies, I can control much of Ableton’s parameters.

I really liked the result, but I started thinking about the feasibility of turning this interface into a standalone app for iOS (and maybe Android). As a good beginner, I am in the stage of doubt.

Duda spoke very well about JUCE, but as a UI developer for VST / plugins … I’m not sure if in terms of design (very important) and control choosing JUCE, in this case, for an osc and midi control app it would be the right choice.

I researched and found other alternatives such as the Qt Creator suite, SOUL, but I would like to know the opinion of those who have been in the area for a longer time = D

Overview: TOCA Osc & Midi for Ableton