Virtual Desktops on Windows and Transparent JUCE Windows

Transparent JUCE windows seem visible on all virtual desktops on Windows 10. This includes the Windows drop shadow effect. Here’s a screenshot from an empty virtual desktop while running the JUCE “Windows” demo from another desktop:


The drop shadow issue should be fixed on the latest develop. Please update and let me know if the problem isn’t resolved.

I think the transparent window actually displays on all desktops because its “appearsOnTaskbar” flag is not set. If you don’t want a window to appear on all virtual desktops, it seems that the window must appear in the taskbar. I tried modifying the demo to set this flag on the transparent window. Afterwards, the window only appeared on a single virtual desktop at a time, as expected.


Awesome, that’s great to hear! Only the shadows were a problem for us, so the latest “develop” will hopefully fix it. I have to complete some other stuff first, but will test ASAP.