Virtual MIDI devices under Windows

I noticed in the Juce documentation that creating virtual MIDI devices via MidiInput::createNewDevice() is not supported under Windows. Is there any reason for this? I don’t believe that there is any technical limitation in Windows which would prevent this, and programs such as MIDI-Ox are able to create virtual inputs/outputs.

Or is this just a feature that is in the backlog?

CoreMidi (mac) and ALSA (linux) offer this support directly in their Midi API so it is straight forward to implement on those platforms. MME (Windows) does not.
The only way to do this on Windows is by writing/installing a Windows MIDI System Driver in Win32 in C. MIDI-OX installs such a driver (myokent.dll).

So does this mean that I could instead connect to the MIDI-OX driver to send/receive virtual MIDI data? I guess having MIDI-OX as a requirement for my software would work (or just installing the DLL alongside my software).

Thanks for the advice!