Visual Studio 2019 Doesn't Detect Functions or Variables from juce_gui_basics

I downloaded JUCE a while ago and have been looking to add keyboard input to one of my components. Its class inherits from juce::KeyListener (and recognizes that class as valid), but attempting to override KeyPress() in the class produces the following errors from Visual Studio 2019:
E1455 - member function declared with ‘override’ does not override a base class
E0020 - identifier KeyPress is undefined

My project was made from the Audio template in the Projucer, which includes juce_gui_basics. I also noticed that the override works in the Listeners and Broadcasters tutorial file, but I’m having trouble finding any meaningful differences between that project and mine.

I’m sure this is ultimately a simple fix, but please let me know if you need any additional information.


Can you post the relevant code (your class declaration for instance) ?

Perhaps KeyPress is missing a juce:: prefix, i.e. juce::KeyPress

That was it! Serves me right for not touching C++ in forever.