Catalina / XCode 11.6 Build plagued with issues, first time running JUCE

Hi all,

I am a beginner trying to learn the ins and outs of JUCE, but I can’t follow through with the tutorials due to these issues during buildtime. I haven’t really coded anything, these errors are just from following the intro tutorial, making a new project and just building. Most of the errors I am getting are:

  1. Only virtual member functions can be marked ‘override’
  2. use of undeclared identifier ‘juce’

What should I do?

Here’s a screenshot of my errors:

Fix the errors… :wink: Are you new to C++ as well as JUCE? If so, you are taking on two large tasks at the same time, and it will be a wild ride! :slight_smile: Do you know what a virtual function is? do you know what override means? These are C++ things, and learning what they are, will help you fix that first error.

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Are you sure that the paths to the JUCE modules are properly set (into projucer file)?

I’m new to swift and c++ but I have an idea that override can “override” the code in a subclass from it’s parent class. Virtual functions sort of work the same way except they are more concrete.

Where are you using the swift?

I’m not using swift anywhere, I was just responding that I knew about overriding from swift.