Visual studio Android toolset support

Hi !

First of all, let me start this thread by congratulating you on what JUCE framework has achieved.
Just by quickly glancing code in JUCE, I can see that it’s quite competitive compared for example such frameworks as Qt.

Like probably was asked over here:

I would like also to get Android support for Visual studio.

And to my best understanding, like it’s probably answered in that thread - Visual studio support is not yet added.

But now I would like to discuss bit deeper about potential cooperation approach - I by myself have created utility for Visual studio projects generation - tool called syncProj -

Documentation can be found here:

And source code can be found here:

One of potential approach of projuicer to generate necessary solution / project C# script to build necessary solutions / projects - this way you’re not only get Android support, but also can potentially completely replace Visual studio project generation using syncProj.

I suspect that syncProj will not necessary be able to fullfil all your requirements, but I could co-work with you on getting your requirements / needs satisfied.

Also bit curious about tearing bits and pieces from JUCE library itself, if it is / will be possible to make some part of JUCE library as completely free (MIT licensing) - starting maybe from String, can continue deeper into JUCE class hierarchy. I would prefer that you will not reply to this question on this forum, but maybe we could discuss on mutual goals directly either by mail, skype or other means.

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